Company Profile

Established in the late 1990s, SWC Brother specializes in the manufacturing of chemical products for the construction field. The company founders are experienced veteran from this industry. Our knowledge and expertise in the construction business have placed us in the forefront in term of product development and support for our customers. Not only has our products been exported to other neighboring countries, we are also OEM manufacturer for many well known names.

For more than 10 years, SWC’s construction chemical products, such as concrete admixture, water proofing agent, curing compound, mold release agent etc, have been used in all kind of concrete work and are recognized for their workability, strength, and durability. The success of our products is the direct result of the demand for higher structural integrity and durability, and low maintenance concrete. SWC products have proven to offer long-tern cost saving.

We give our customers the highest priority and we respond to their needs, questions, concerns, or difficulties quickly. With year of experience behind us, SWC has the expertise to assist our customers with every product and process related questions.


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